Friday, February 15, 2008

Go Us!

I just noticed that the ENTIRE STAFF of our library has registered for the 23 Things on a Stick program. Yay, us! Of course, our staff size is a whopping three people, but still. Check out my colleague's blogs: EMMM and Mrs. G's

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Motivation My Way

Ok, I just saw one of those motivational posters on someone else's blog, so I just had to share one of my favorite demotivational posters. There are a bunch of these things at Check it out--you'll laugh tons!

And it's snowing...yet again

Ah...the snow. It's fluffy, it's pretty, and my car keeps getting stuck in it. I guess that is what I get for driving a car that only cost $1,000. One of these days, I am going to buy a huge truck with mega tires--just so I won't keep getting plowed in and stuck on the street. It doesn't help that every road out of town includes an icy climb combined with a treacherous fall to the bottom of some ravine. I keep having visions of my car slipping off of some hill and becoming airborne. From my car's point of view, spring can't come soon enough.

I just got the word yesterday that we will be getting our new computers down in here in a couple of weeks--yay! I don't know how old the current ones are, but the one in my office keeps acting like it is going to blow up if I look at it wrong. Once I get my new computer in here, I'll have to see if I can get my digital camera to work with it. I tried to put the camera software on this computer, and to say the least, it didn't work. Actually, I think that the computer got rather indignant that I would dare add such a program to its aging software. That, or the computer just doesn't like me, which could also be a factor.

And finally, is it just me, or is the blogger spell-check not working for anyone else? I keep getting the "you failed, stupid person" response, and it's not just on this blog either. I can't spell-check on the library's blog either. Ah blogger--you have so many interesting new features, yet you are still as temperamental as ever.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Maiden Post

I didn't think that I would have time to participate in the whole "23 Things on a Stick" thing, yet I found myself on a Wednesday afternoon with a serious urge to procrastinate. And thus my new blog was born. We'll see if I will have the time/desire to keep this up.

By the way, I named my blog "Millennial Librarian" due to the fact that my generation is no longer being classified "Generation Y." To that I say, "Thank God." That term always seemed so apathetic (i.e. why, why, why?) and "Millennial" just sounds so much cooler.